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Engage with Josh Ditzler’s intimate musical fusion of blues, rockabilly, and Irish folk. His performances offer a raw outlet to human vulnerability, a backdrop of stories and hope.


Set the mood with Josh Ditzler, an eclectic fusion of blues, rockabilly, and Irish folk. Experience authentic stories woven into melodies, bridging minds with an irresistible human fabric.


Dive into the melodic journey of Josh Ditzler, an artist spinning blues, rockabilly, and Irish folk into an enthralling soundscape. Rooted in authenticity; his performance strums the chords of contemplation, celebration, and connection.


Josh Ditzler’s private performance promises an intimate, soulful ventura into blues, rockabilly, and Irish folk. Witness a craftsman story-teller wrap you up in melodies of life and love.

A Melody Woven through Strings:
A Biography of Josh Ditzler

The Roots

Josh Ditzler, Colorado Springs’ eclectic troubadour, weaves threads of blues, rockabilly, Irish folk, and punk rock through the loom of his guitar. His music captures the colors of the mountain state while telling a human story we can all relate to. Raised on the disparate harmonies of Stevie Ray Vaughan, John Fullbright, The Pogues and Poor Man’s Poison, Josh blends the blues of the past with the zeitgeist of our turbulent times.

First Strum to Spotlight

We all remember the first enthralling encounter with our passions. For Josh, his measure into the music world began with a gentle nudge by Jerry Only at the heart of a Misfits show in Denver. Instigated by a shared human connection and later encouraged by a semester of schooling, Josh, the teen guitarist from yonder townhigh school now stands by his philosophy – Making music to heal, help and steer people – just as music guided him through assorted emotions.

Brush Strokes on a Final Word

A self-taught musician, defined by resilience and unwavering dedication, Josh Ditzler writes songs that serve as the mirrors of our collective human story. His songwriting process unfolds like an unfolding rumor whispered through crackling fires and across bustling taverns. His flagship album, “Secret Sanity,” walks on intricate melodies tracing his spiritual journey, the vulnerabilities of being human and hope’s effervescence.

Music That Talks

Josh paints a universe, sometimes fictional, sometimes starkly real, but always infused with an emotional recall that reverberates through listeners’ hearts. Many fans and critics laude him for the versatility he displays, reflected in how resonantly ‘human’ his performance unfolds. With his heart slung around his guitar, Josh bridges that impassive gap between the stage and audience – etching out a heartwarming camaraderie nurtured by honest lyricism and sustainable messages projected through his art.

What’s Brewing?

The passion surges forward stronger than ever. This soaring melody bird is presently strumming the echoes into his second album. Watch out for yet another auditory escapade from this artist from the Rockies.


An artist is a mosaic of their past, infused with reality’s vibrancy, drawn black and white to create amalgamated masterpieces that transcends language barriers and grazes human fertility. Josh desires to share, understand, rouse, and inspire, so join him on his next musical quest as he redefines how a simple string can wear a thousand hues. Listen to Josh Ditzler’s music. Go to his concerts. Experience the passion, the adherence, the vivid storytelling skills brewed into an everglowing melting pot of music and artistry.


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